Work In Progress



Work in Progress 

A Theatre Collaboration Between Tehran (Iran) and Boston (U.S.) 

(A Laboratory of Dialogue of Civilizations in Performing Arts) 

Written by Deniz Khateri 

 Directed by Vahdat Yeganeh 

Performed by Jared Wright (U.S.) Donya Hosseinpooli (Iran) 

Shadow Puppetry created and performed by Deniz Khateri 

Music Director: Bahar Royaee 

Music performed by Pouya Shabanpour-Olivia J.P. Harris-Bahar Royaee 

Production director in Iran: Donya Hosseinpooli 

Dramaturgy by Dr. Robert Lublin-Richard Saul Chason  

 Design supervisor: Rafael Jaen 

Poster by: Arvin Fouladi-Deniz Khateri (Nutz Design)

Production advisors: Dr.Robert Lublin-Professor Rafael Jaen (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Special thanks: Dr. Dave Plonka, Dorsa Yeganeh, Emily Wright, Dorrin Yeganeh


The Boston Experimental Theatre Company is excited to present a workshop production of ‘Fish Trees’, a new play by resident playwright Deniz Khateri. Khateri’s lushly poetic drama tells a story of intercontinental love stifled by physical separation in an age of global fear. With this work in progress, we aim to continue our mission to embody Iranian philosopher Dariush Shayegan’s “Dialogue of Civilizations”, a set of anti-Isolationist philosophical ideals rooted in cross-cultural communication and creative expression. As always, artistic director Vahdat Yeganeh directs the experimental production inspired by Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty and Jerzy Growtowski’s Poor Theatre.

Originally, we had hoped this spring to practice Dialogue of Civilizations by inviting Iranian theater artist Donya HossseinPooli to join the company and develop a different play. Donya was planning to come to America through a marriage visa back in January. Sadly, it became unclear when or if she would be able to join us, and right now it’s still not entirely clear when she’ll be able to come to the United States. We considered recasting her role for our original spring production, but we realized that what we really felt the need to do was to create a play directly inspired by this experience. So we began developing Fish Trees, a theater piece that manages to feature Donya even as she remains separated from us halfway across the world. Resident  actor Jared Richard Roman-Wright also joins the production alongside resident composer Bahar Royaee and musicians Pouya Shabanpour and Olivia J.P. Harris. We hope that this production of 21st century artistic technique with 21st century technology will shed light and revelation on some of the 21st century struggles the world now faces.

On May 5th and 6th, we’ll be presenting the first public showing of Fish Trees at UMass Boston. Seating will be limited. If you’re able to join us, please send an email (here) with the ‘Fish Trees’ in the subject line, and we’ll send you back the details. We hope you can join us for this timely production as the company explores new high-tech territory with our newest resident company member.

Richard Saul Chason

Dramaturge-Boston Experimental Theatre