The Most Honest Murderer in the World

murder-image-2Originally written for the stage, director Vahdat Yeganeh designed the show to be performed in a coffee shop. The play literally takes place ‘in’ the coffee shop (The ‘murderer’ visits the coffee shop during the play) in the same exact space that the audience occupies.

The Most Honest Murderer in the World is hired by ‘The big boss’ to kill the murderer’s favorite author. Torn between duty and love for the author the murderer decides to ultimately make the kill. After completing the job he discovers that he may have wrongly made a mistake and killed the wrong man.

October 2000
Tehran City Theatre Cafe
Written by: Afshin Hashemi
Directed by: Vahdat Yeganeh
Starring: Afshin Hashemi, 
Sasan Pirouz

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