Oh, Albert Camus

Albert CamusWhat happens when someone with conscience – late developed – and a sense of duty – also delayed in developing, falls into the clutches of someone who has deliberately killed conscience in pursuit of a goal?  What if his fate rests with her partner, who has for a long time, been indifferent to conscience though not its stirrings?  What happens to the innocent bystander who loves and braves danger for the man with the sense of duty?  Is it possible for grief to turn peoples’ hearts to stones?  Can a mother’s love for a lost child be lost with that child so that the one remaining starves for it?  Why do people develop monomania and what use is conscience in the end?  What is the nature of conscience?  Of love?  Freedom?  Oh, Albert Camus, you raise these questions and more in ‘The Misunderstanding’ and now for the next few months BETC gets to work on the puzzle.  Thanks, Camus!

~Lorna Nogueira



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