Crying Deer

crying-deer-flyerCrying Deer was the collaboration of two Iranians and two Americans using voice, movement and music to explore love, pain and complex human relationship.
The script for Crying Deer was developed using a process called ‘devised drama’ whereby the story and characters were developed through a collaborative process. During the course of this work and through improvisation the story and characters were created and refined, and strong relationships were developed between the actors/characters.Crying Deer used very little dialog instead using movement and music to communicate. The production was heavily inspired by Grotowski’s concept of ‘poor theatre.’

January 2009
Black box Theatre-Boston Center for the Arts
Created and Directed by: Vahdat Yeganeh
Lighting Design By: Kristen Hayes
Starring: Ruby Rose Fox, Mazdak Mirabedini, Chris Punis

See Crying Deer photo gallery here.


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