Apartment 2017 (The Golden House)


November 2017: Thu,16 (7:30pm) Fri,17 (8pm) Sat,18 (5pm)

Sun,19 (3pm) Sunday,19 (6pm)

Written by: Robert Lublin-Shaoul Rick Chason-Jared Wright-Brenna Nicely-Donya Pooli Yeganeh 

Directed by: Vahdat Yeganeh

Performed by: Jared Wright-Rick Chason-Donya Pooli Yeganeh-Erin Reilly

Live music by: Matthew Rumizen (Piano-Guitar)

Production Manager: Emily Wright

Sponsored by Houchang Chehabi

Produced by Vahdat Yeganeh-Jared Wright-2017

The Boston Experimental Theater Company (B.E.T.) invites you to The Apartment 2017: The Golden House, the second iteration of our biennial site-specific immersive theater series in Boston area apartments. In the summer of 2015, we presented our first Apartment event, in Central Square, and played to sold-out audiences who raved about the show.
This year, we present our 2nd Apartment play in Ty Aur, The Golden House of Cambridge, a collaboration of five playwrights and four actors under the direction of artistic director Vahdat Yeganeh. As always, Yeganeh leads the company through a highly improvisational rehearsal process inspired by the psychological dramatic philosophy of Antonin Artaud and the organic, minimalist directorial techniques of Jerzy Grotowski. With this work, we aim to continue our mission to embody Iranian philosopher Dariush Shayegan’s “Dialogue of Civilizations”, a set of anti-Isolationist philosophical ideals rooted in cross-cultural communication and creative expression. This philosophy spurs on artistic and intellectual work that serves as an attempt to spark global understanding and empathy and to foster a future of symbiotic cultural development and exchange. A company of American and Iranian artists with backgrounds in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Baha’i Faith, we strive to coalesce our own experiences and perspectives on the state of the contemporary world in an attempt to create a piece of theater universal in scope yet defined by the conflicts of our present day.
This November, we invite you to a Golden House to experience our Golden Basement, Golden Living Room, Golden Bedroom, Golden Loft, and yes, even our Golden Shower.
After you buy your tickets, we will contact you with the information of how to get to our apartment. It is in Cambridge, MA, and very easy to get to with public transportations.
After each performances, we would like to have a short discussion to hear your thoughts and answer your questions regarding the play.
Thank you very much for your support,
Boston Experimental Theatre


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