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Cathartic Cruelty

Artaud’s Aristotelian Overture By Jared Wright   “Tragedy,… produces its effect even without movement; its quality is apparent from a mere reading… It offers verisimilitude when read no less than when performed.” (Aristotle 54-55) “As if Literature were worth bothering with, as if it were not elsewhere that we had always fixed our lives.” (Artaud […]

Beer and Dialogue Among Civilizations

  Mr. Ben Howe the founder and brew master of Enlightenment Ales is providing DAY TRIP ALE to our production CREATURES. His beers  and philosophy have been strongly influential on the work of BET’s artistic director Vahdat Yeganeh. BEER and Dialogue Among Civilizations         Perhaps six months or so before Vahdat Yeganeh proposed his […]

More from our 2012 Workshops

  Boston Experimental Theatre’s new production “ Creation In Progress: To Have Done With The Judgment Of God” is a long term workshop to continue studying the theatre of Antonin Artaud and Jerzy Grotowski in rehearsals and the public performances. In our new project we are collaborating with the great visual artist Philippe Lejeune and […]

About 'The Misunderstanding'

About ‘The Misunderstanding’

The Misunderstanding is more than your typical farce. Yes, absurd things happen, and yes, many of the occurrences in the play might be absurd to the point of being laughable. But the truly absurd face of The Misunderstanding shows itself in its characters and interactions that one is almost imperceptibly forced to regard as ‘normal’. […]

Who Is Albert Camus?

Who Is Albert Camus?

The most absurd way in which a man can die is in a car accident -Attributed to Camus   Absurdité, or absurdity, is a situational trait that we often like to regulate into convenient spaces within our lives. We write it into our comedies, raise it out of our children, frown upon it in our […]


Grotowski and Poor Theatre

“Actors and audience, fundamentally an interpersonal situation.”

Albert Camus

Oh, Albert Camus

What happens when someone with conscience – late developed – and a sense of duty – also delayed in developing, falls into the clutches of someone who has deliberately killed conscience in pursuit of a goal?  What if his fate rests with her partner, who has for a long time, been indifferent to conscience though […]

The Misunderstanding

The Misunderstanding

The Boston Experimental Theatre Company is Currently Working On Their New Production: The Misunderstanding, by Albert Camus.