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Boston Experimental Theatre’s new production Creation In Progress: To Have Done With The Judgment Of God” is a long term workshop to continue studying the theatre of Antonin Artaud and Jerzy Grotowski in rehearsals and the public performances. In our new project we are collaborating with the great visual artist Philippe Lejeune and his concept of glass.

These workshops are series of exercises to create an environment in the rehearsal room that encourages actors, designers and musicians to discover the relationships between their bodies, their imaginations, and their environment such as space, light, sound and more importantly others in the room. Through this process actors explore their thoughts and feelings and allow relationships to happen and the show grows organically from this intimate and intense atmosphere.

Boston Experimental Theatre is very excited to bring this workshop to the public and invite spectator’s imagination to our work to learn from these live interactions and continue forward.

watch creating The Spurt of Blood; To Have Done With The Judgment Of God

“Watch more videos from our workshops.”


A video from our very first rehearsal connecting to the glass:

“This is the way the world will ends”

“Watch more videos from our workshops.”





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