Apartment 2017 (The Golden House)



November 2017: Thu,16 (7:30pm) Fri,17 (8pm) Sat,18 (5pm)

Sun,19 (3pm) Sunday,19 (6pm)

Written by: Robert Lublin-Shaoul Rick Chason-Jared Wright-Brenna Nicely-Donya Pooli Yeganeh 

Directed by: Vahdat Yeganeh

Performed by: Jared Wright-Rick Chason-Donya Pooli Yeganeh-Erin Reilly

Live music by: Matthew Rumizen (Piano-Guitar) 

Production Manager: Emily Wright

Sponsored by Houchang Chehabi

Produced by Vahdat Yeganeh-Jared Wright-2017 

Come and see our ‘Golden House’, and join our exploration of fantasy and reality in the privacy of our homes. This production is in a part of our ongoing Apartment Project during which we stage theatres in homes and apartments to generate a more intimate atmosphere for our audiences. It is only with YOU that we can learn more for our Apartment 2018…(Read more)


What an exemplary experience! I really was transported into a dream reality” Michael Alexander Cook (Read more)

Boston Experimental Theatre’s approach to The Blind Owl resulted in a performance that did not simplify Hedayat’s dark and penetrating work but rather translated its profundity and energy to the stage.” Dr. Robert Lublin (Read more)

“Excellent work! The productions I saw were highly inventive, very imaginatively directed, committed and dedicated productions. Vahdat’s work is experimental and theatrical in the good sense of the words; it’s innovative without being pretentious.” Daniel Gidron

“Edgy, provocative, dreamlike, and thought provoking. This is a theater that engages the audience and challenges them at the same time.” John Bechard

“Is it theater? I guess it is, but I don’t feel comfortable describing it as that. It’s art. It’s therapy. It’s history.” Mollie Grewe

“Maybe as someone said of poetry, a theater-piece should not “mean” but merely “be”…Great theater tends to pry open the eyes as well as the mind, making everything look , and feel  different.” Larry Stark on Crying Deer (read more)