Toward the Theatre of Unknown…


Inspired and created as a response to the U.S. visa ban, Fish Trees came alive by a company of American and Iranian artists to tell a story of intercontinental love stifled by physical separation in an age of global fear. (Read more…)

Fish Trees; October 6th At Harvard 

A Theatre Collaboration Between Tehran (Iran) and Boston (U.S.) 

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“I walked away from FISH TREES with exactly the feeling you should always have after experiencing a piece of theater[…] the production effectively melded many forms-blending an intense physical approach, imaginative use of technology and wonderfully evocative imagery that has stayed with me many weeks after the performance”  Remo Airaldi, (Lecturer on Theater, Dance, and Media, Harvard University) 


October 6th, 2017 @8 PM,

Gutman Library at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 6 Appian Way, Cambridge, MA 02138

What an exemplary experience! I really was transported into a dream reality” Michael Alexander Cook (Read more)

Boston Experimental Theatre’s approach to The Blind Owl resulted in a performance that did not simplify Hedayat’s dark and penetrating work but rather translated its profundity and energy to the stage.” Dr. Robert Lublin (Read more)

“Excellent work! The productions I saw were highly inventive, very imaginatively directed, committed and dedicated productions. Vahdat’s work is experimental and theatrical in the good sense of the words; it’s innovative without being pretentious.” Daniel Gidron

“Edgy, provocative, dreamlike, and thought provoking. This is a theater that engages the audience and challenges them at the same time.” John Bechard

“Is it theater? I guess it is, but I don’t feel comfortable describing it as that. It’s art. It’s therapy. It’s history.” Mollie Grewe

“Maybe as someone said of poetry, a theater-piece should not “mean” but merely “be”…Great theater tends to pry open the eyes as well as the mind, making everything look , and feel  different.” Larry Stark on Crying Deer (read more)